Fap CEO – Review 2022

fap ceo

Nutaku asked us to take a look at Fap CEO, so here’s our take. All in all, it’s a fun hentai game. Players take control of a CEO who runs a video chat site. The enviable task of FAP CEO is to hire new girls, chat them up for sexy moments and manage resources to grow the business. Girls are all unique, with their own issues and stories. Let them experience romance and have fun. It’s good to be the CEO of a company that has lots of cute and sexy girls.

fap ceo

Introduction of the Fap CEO porn game

So, what does the game look like? If you are looking for a hentai game to play at certain times, it must be nice, right? Well, Fap CEO delivers on its promises. It’s very good. Girls are unique in relation to each other, not copy-paste here. There are over a hundred sex scenes to unlock, and they are all worth it. Choose your waifu (s) and have fun with them!

fap ceo xxx hentai teen porn game

The CEO’s office, where players spend a little time, can even be customised with fun items that offer benefits to have an easier time in the game. Everything players see in this game has clearly been designed with care, with great attention to detail. The pleasure of the eyes is present in this click game. Art has a modern style, and artists really emphasise some physical aspects of each girl.

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In addition, there is a cock in the picture only that will be very useful, I am sure. Answering emails can be fun. We have several reply options and we can even offer articles for girls to unlock new photos. Photos of the ladies proliferate so the first photos may show them fully dressed and in provocative positions, but photos opened later with the use of items will give you a full show.

fap ceo xxx game

The progression system will become apparent early on as players realise that the only way to offer better things to the lady is to sell the trade. Because of the progression system, a complete production with all the photos of the game in Fap CEO will take a long time to complete. In fact, these adult games are called hentai stories. And believe it or not, they can also make you wet and sweaty across the screen of your computer or smartphone.

teen hentai fap ceo game

Games of this type are based on the presentation of static images or separate animations (which together create a whole story) of a sexual character, exploding the player’s imagination and sexual desire. Would you like to know more about this game? We would be happy to present it to you.

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The gameplay of Fap CEO

The first thing to say is that FAP CEO is free to play. All you need to do is have the time and desire to join the team of players. Once you get to the homepage of the game, you will be asked to choose between shy girls and naughty girls. This is actually the first stage of registration. Fap CEO is a casual game as your ultimate resource is time. Log in to the game, reply to your co-workers’ emails, take sexy pictures, reconnect later and try again.

fap ceo game

The game is designed so you can have a little fun, close it to do the necessary tasks and come back to relax. The balance between time and money management is a great game loop for Fap CEO. Although it may take a day or two to update depending on how often the game is opened, you can still send emails to girls to get more hentai photos.

If you want to get a large number of pictures, you can start to improve the girls’ level and get more objects. The more you play, the more you have access to many items. So it is in your best interest to play a few minutes every two hours.

The principle of the game is based on setting sexy young girls in your office. They work by transferring sex programmes online (that’s how they earn money for you). By the way, if a red eye sign appears above the girl’s head, it means she has been taken for a private show. You can click on the girl while the sign is lit and help her earn more money.

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The more money your employees earn, the more you can hire new girls. In addition, the player has to upgrade their daughters to help them earn more money and promote the level of the company.

screenshot of fap ceo

Whenever you hire a new sexy girl, you will receive an email from her with a very sexy photo attached. This way the girl can thank you for giving her the job. You have to reply to emails that are sent without a photo and ask the ladies to provide one for your catalogue. As the game is free, you don’t always have the opportunity to reply to the girl because the number of replies is limited. So you will have to spend time with tokens, inventory items or rubies to get this opportunity. All the photos you receive are collected in a catalogue.

fap ceo sex game

They can be sorted by the name of the model who sent the photo or by the category to which the photo belongs (solo, big boobs, pussy, small boobs, top, etc.). You can enjoy it at any time. In addition to collecting photos, you also have to complete daily missions and achieve certain achievements. Each time you complete the task, you will receive a reward (ruby). In addition, you have to collect keys that can open special chests containing various inventories, including time tokens and all kinds of unusual sexual objects (for example, orgasm diamonds, erotic roses, etc.)

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The first girl who accompanies you to the office will be your guide during the game. She will give you instructions and advice on how to improve your work. Once you have gained enough experience to expand your business, you can sell your business and buy a new one, which will also give you more power and opportunities in the game.

fap ceo screenshot from game

For example, spin the wheel, buy decorative items and play the game of twins. What is exciting here is that you can chat with your sexy co-workers and send them different pictures of nudes and perverts, such as showing their breasts, wet pussy and a pipe. You can have a screenshot of these photos if you want to masturbate.

What is addictive is that you have the task to do to be able to respond to their messages. You only have two responses and you get a response every hour. You also have to collect items by clicking on the girls to answer them.

Play Fap CEO for free

The free hentai game FAP CEO is not limited by lack of features, but by time. Timers, for example, dictate when you receive replies that you can use when sending emails. Sending emails helps you create links with girls and it is through emails that you get the free photos of them. There is a treasure chest that you earn keys so that you can fill your inventory with goodies; the chests improve when you sell your shop.

fap ceo xxx hentai teen game

You must use 25 rubies to make a round, but you are entitled to one free round per day. As with Booty Calls you must register with your email address if you are not already a member. When you sign up, you get free gold when you confirm your email address. The Fap CEO game works well as long as you don’t have an old system. You can download and play it through your browser. If you want to install it, you need a 64-bit system. If you are using an old PC, you will not be able to play it. There is currently no app to play it on your mobile device.

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Once it’s working, it’s easy to use on your computer and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Progress is automatically saved so you can return at any time to continue. It’s fun and worth reading.

The negative points of Fap CEO

Here is where I found some problems in my game. Fap CEO has a simple gameplay loop that can be fun for fans of tycoon games, but the game only features sexy women. Even though they have almost all the stereotypes you have seen before, they are still only women.

Are there no men’s chat pages? Even later, when the CEO’s office is unlocked, we see that the avatar is a black-haired man. Why can’t we customise our look? I would like to see a little more inclusion and customisation in more aspects of the game.


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